Family Apostolate

“Six days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany, the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from dead”. Jn12:1”

Family visit is one way to take part in the salvific mission of Jesus Christ who led the sinners to Father`s love by entering their houses and initiating them to conversion, taking part in their joy and sadness. Assimilating the spirit of the Founder, Martha Sisters have been ever alert to mingle with all the people, irrespective of caste, creed and social economic status.

The First members of our congregation were eager and successful in sharing the compassionate love, which they received from the contemplation of the crucified Lord, to the families.

We enlighten people about the importance and sacredness of family life and convince them of their responsibilities to build a good home based on mutual love and respect. Special concern is shown towards the poor including those who are suffering physically and mentally. Special efforts are taken to restore broken families and those who are in difference of opinion. Those who have gone astray from the right path are brought back by helping them to have a taste of God’s love. Sisters make visits to their homes and reassure them with prayerful fellowship and thus leading them to new dimension of hope and love. Usually, two sisters from each community go out to families twice in a week with this specific task.

Inspired by our Founder, who imparted God`s love and mercy to everyone so frankly and naturally from his heart, we visit houses and help the girls and boys in their character formation and development of their personality.

The sisters, who are in the mission areas, visit the villages and families of the poor, empowers them to a state of self-sufficiency, strengthening their moral and social status.

Following the footsteps and the heritage of charism of our founder and first members of our community, we are engaged in the family apostolate by visiting the families, home missions in far different parishes, preparation for sacraments and adult baptism, catechism, preparing the dying for a peaceful death at home etc.

Home Mission Programme.

Home mission is a courageous step in the field of family apostolate. Family which is the basic unit of both the church and the state is facing tremendous breakdown in its sacredness and honesty. Considering this as our top-most priority, we visit the families of different parishes around and work for their total well being. Today our province has a dedicated a team for home mission alone, which is a great asset. We work hard to safeguard the sanctity and integrity of the family. It is only through the restoration of the families that we can renovate the church and the society.