Healing Ministry

“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness among the people” (Mt.4:23).

Martha sisters are working in various hospitals and dispensaries taking care of patients recognizing the face of Jesus in their suffering face. We go to the housebound patients, who are not able to come to hospitals for various reasons. Primary nursing care is given at home and later with the help and support of people of good will, these patients will be taken to hospitals for further care. 

The healing ministry is one of the greatest opportunities the Church has today for sharing the Gospel. More than before in the last hundred years, many in our society realise there is a physical as well as a spiritual and a mental dimension to healthy living.

Our healing ministry is the continuation of Jesus` healing ministry. We see the face of the crucified Christ in the face of the poor sufferers who are physically, mentally or spiritually wounded and extend to them the compassionate touch of the Lord and thus help them to regain their natural health and also we facilitate the family to have the experience of God’s love.  

Following the example of St. Martha, we commit ourselves to the ministry of the sick with tenderness and compassion.

St. John 10:10 says: "I have come in order that you might have life-life in all its fullness."The Lord God is the giver of life and health. The sisters who are working in the medical field are participating in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We try to draw all to the Holy Eucharist, the nectar of the sick, the refuge of the weak and the bread of life, through our merciful dealings and unselfish love.

Our sisters are working in hospitals, dispensaries and primary health centres to take care of the sick through curative and preventive methods. We work in various capacities such as doctors, administrators, educators, nursing staff, paramedical staff such as pharmacists, Lab-Technicians, X-ray Technicians etc. We undertake this ministry regardless of caste, creed, religion and economic status by working in the hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, mobile clinics and other outreach programmes.

Sisters working in hospitals arrange blood donation camps, free medical camps, blood group determination camps, cataract detection and surgery, asthma detection camps etc for the public. Our sisters go to houses in parishes to dress the wounds and bath patients who have none to take care of. They prepare these patients to receive sacraments as well.

Healing for the body is a part of the 'wonderful grace of God that brings salvation to the world' Jesus paid the price for our healing in His suffering and death on the cross. We continue the healing ministry of the Lord and bear witness to Christ by serving the sick with compassionate love of Jesus.

Hospital ministry

St.vincent  Diabetic Hospital It`s a non profit making charitable hospital run by CSM Good Shepherd Province ,caring for the people of Diocese of Irinjalakuda and nearby places. We have 24 hr Causality and Diabetic Care services with inpatient and outpatient facilities and essential diagnostic & pharmacy services. A renowned Diabetologist, Foot Surgeon, Physicians, RMO and specially trained staffs ensure quality health care services available to our patients, especially the diabetic.

The Spiritual acts of mercy is carried out through dedicated intercessory prayers, teaching ministry (both formal, non formal and spiritual), counselling (spiritual and psychological), forgiveness in day today life in our own lives and helping others to solve conflicts & hatred in and among families and society, rendering advices and help to overcome the social evils such as alcoholism etc.

Other Institutions in which our Sisters are working:

1. Jubilee mission Medical college, Thrissur
2. Amala Medical College, Thrissur
3.St.James hospital Chalakudy

Service in abroad

Our sisters are also working in places like America, Germany and Italy in hospitals, clinics and dispensaries.