Kess Centre, Puthur

Kuriakose Elias service society (KESS) was established on January 31, 1991 in the premises of Puthur Parish for the wellbeing of the women and children in the society.  Mar  Joseph Kundukulam   officiated its blessing and under the leadership and guidance of the Sisters of St. Martha, it conducts many social work programs such as monthly immunizations for children, handicraft projects like making ‘chooral baskets, incense-making and tailoring. In 1999 Sisters started a bazar unit of the ‘V-Guard Stabilizer’.  Besides, the sisters visit the house of the women working in the institute and provide   moral and financial support in their daily struggle.  They  are  also involved in teaching catechism and attending the family meetings, visiting the sick especially cancer patients and elderly people.

Name Kess  Centre
Address Kess  Centre, Puthur, Thrissur  - 680 014
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