Mission and Evangelisation

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news”. (Rom 10:15)

Proclamation of gospel is our privilege and duty and it is a gift of God’s grace and mercy. The salvation of Jesus Christ is for the whole mankind. As the messengers of the Gospel, we follow the tradition of St. Thomas, sharing the Gospel and plant the seeds of the church among the people who do not yet believe in Christ.

Our zealous missionaries are working tirelessly for spreading the Kingdom of God in Bhopal and the remote and undeveloped villages of Arunachal Pradesh. We have 7 sisters engaged in teaching mentally retarded students, taking care of the  boarding, catechetical teaching  and assisting in pastoral ministry in both mission areas. In the mission centres in Bhopal, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh sisters are engaged in the teaching ministry, where there are lack of educated teachers.

As a part of our missionary activity in developed countries, our sisters are working in schools, hospitals, old age homes and night shelter in Germany, Italy and America. They attend to the sick and suffering, and the terminally ill. They prepare them to receive the sacraments and give counseling to the needy. They also conduct prayer meetings.

The zeal to share compassionate love of Jesus urges us to set out for mission work in at all part of the world. We manifest our Eucharistic life in the context of the Church's teaching, oriental spirituality, and elements of Indian culture compatible with Catholic doctrine.

The missionary activities paved the way for the sisters to start houses in Bhopal, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh to proclaim the good news and to please Jesus by receiving Him and serving Him faithfully with love and joy in our hearts, in our lives, and in our houses like the example of St.Martha. The sisters are open to the needs of the church in India disregarding the place, race, caste and creed to offer themselves for Evangelical work. They are engaged in the field of education, healing ministry and social services of various kinds. Sisters takes up the challenges bravely that this apostolate puts forward for the love of God and people.

Martha sisters have inherited the mission spirit as a heritage from our Founder who led a life of sacrifice, love, compassion and simplicity. Imbibing the spirit of compassion and accepting His command, we work for spreading the Word and preach the Gospel to all creation.

The Catholics in these areas have improved their sacramental life and started leading a stable family life. Education has made the people more social, spiritual and the standard of living has enhanced. Humanitarian values have become strong among the people. Sharing all their resources the sisters help the people to live a more dignified and respectable life.

Sisters manifest their responsibility through their intercession, by prayer and penance for the families Parish, Dioceses, the State, Nation and the whole World. Many of our sisters lead humble and simple lives which is appreciated and admired by the people. In every  community, the day begins with morning prayer and meditation followed by the Holy Mass and the sisters draw spiritual energy for their days apostolic commitment from this so that they may courageously proclaim the Lord Jesus, and lead a joyful religious life.

Our involvement  has contributed to  create a transformed society based on love, sharing, justice and equality. We believe, a new generation is groomed by our endeavors. We could bear witness to Jesus, who loved all and taught us to love by spreading the fragrance of the Gospel.

St. Martha Convent
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