Novitiate is the most important stage of formation. Growing in awareness of their responsibilities of living the evangelical counsels and vowed life, they enter into the religious life. . In our congregation, the novitiate lasts for 2 years; the first year is the canonical year. This year is for intensive spiritual formation .They grow deep into the conviction that God is their hope, treasure and security. They study in depth the Christian spirituality, liturgy and CSM constitution. The novice mistress guides the formation process and instructs the novices in interior life.

During the second year of the Novitiate, they grow into the awareness that contemplative life and active apostolic life are essential parts of our religious life. As part of their training, the novices go for regency in our convents and begin to work in the various fields of our apostolate together with professed sisters. During the last four months, the novice returns to the novitiate house for  an intense period of prayer and recollection.And she prepares herself under the guidance of their mistress for the first profession of the vows of Obedience, Chastity and Poverty.

Duration:                               2 years
Patroness:                            St. Therese of Liseux
Patroness` day:                     October 1