Pastoral Ministry

“Here I am, Lord, send me”. (Is 6:8)

The sisters take active part in the various activities of the parish and lead the parish community to the communion of the church. They play a significant role in giving religious instruction to the youth and children to deepen their Catholic faith and to impart the teachings of the church. They conduct study classes and seminars in selected parishes to deepen the faith-life of the youth and to impart a taste of God-experience.

Sisters teach catechism classes and actively participate in prayer groups, with great fervour and passion.   They prepare children and adults to receive the sacraments, with devotion. The sisters encourages the people to be active members of the parish through their guidance and direction  leading  them to take part in the various associations in the parish. And many a times they  have made to take full responsibility over these associations like CML, CLC, Mathrusangham, widow group, grace ripples etc as the need arise. Preparing altar boys to assist in the Divine Liturgy with devotion is also a part of our responsibility. In addition, the sisters visit the families and conduct family prayer and see to the various needs of the people. We engage ourselves in the acts of mercy too as parish nurses, as we recognise the distorted face of Christ in the sick, suffering and dying.