“And how are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard”? (Rom10:14)

Our apostolate in the field of education is of vital importance. It is an immense privilege to proclaim Christ to the young hearts. The pillars of education are conveying knowledge, and values.

The aim of our education is to impart sound education by forming in the children the good habits of piety, virtue, discipline and self-reliance during the years of their studies. The education stands for academic excellence, development of skills, character formation, and all round development and sincere commitment to God and to our nation India. A good number of our sisters are involved this apostolate as guiding light in their surroundings.

With definite motto of “catch the young” the ministry is confirmed to rendering mainly the pre- primary education .We run nursery and primary classes in most of our convents where the hearts of the little ones are kindled with flames of wisdom and love of God. We serve in the schools that belong to different dioceses, congregation and those owned by other agencies. Nehru memorial convent L.P.School Vattakkad is one of our dream schools.

Our sisters are engaged in the teaching ministry in the mission centres in Bhopal, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh, and also in abroad, where there is shortage of teachers. Proclaim Jesus Christ to a challenging generation.

When empathy and compassion are present along with intelligence, training, knowledge of subject and creativity, the learning environment is enhanced and the children bloom brilliantly.

Our Founder Most Rev. Fr John Kizhakoodan instructed us, “Not to reject anyone”. Inspired by this thought, we the followers of the founder, work towards the spiritual and temporal betterment of the families, villages and even nations through the education.

We serve in corporate management schools, our own aided schools in Malayalam and English Medium, Nursery schools, and school for the mental challenged children. We take active interest in the character formation and personality development of the students. Also our sisters earnestly impart Gospel values to the staff, students and parents through their teaching and a witnessing life. To make character formation possible, our sisters have personal contact with the students. They also visit the homes of the students. Our trained sisters provide counselling sessions to the needed students thus giving them consolation and spiritual renewal.

NMC Pre Primary & LP School
Holy Trinity Convent
Kokkunnu, Mookkannoor P.O., Angamaly 683 577
Ph: 0484 2615771, 9747634338

Assumption Convent Nursery
Ponnukkara P.O., Thrissur Dt 680 014
Ph: 0487 2352872

St. Joseph’s Convent Nursery
Puthur P.O., Thrissur - 680 014
Ph: 0487 2354213

St. Antony’s Convent Nursery
Mattathur P.O., Moonnumuri, Thrissur 680 684
Ph: 0480 2741004

St. George Convent Nursery
Anandapuram P.O., Nellayi (Via), Thrissur - 680 323
Ph: 0480 2880166

Infant Jesus Convent Nursery
Meladoor P.O., Annamanada via., Thrissur Dist. Pin 680741
Ph: 0480 2772777 , 9526796696

St. Alphonsa Convent Nursery
Prapoyile  P.O, Mulapra, Kannur  Dt.  670 511
Ph: 8547923974